InterGen News

May 12, 2017

To the UK party leaders,

We, a group of businesses and civil society, urge you to set out a clear manifesto commitment to the Carbon Price Support after 2021 and continued support for investment in low carbon electricity generation. This will be the primary means of driving further power sector decarbonisation in the next Parliament.

The UK Carbon Price Support has been a key driver of the huge progress made in power sector decarbonisation. In 2016, emissions from coal plants fell 58% and thanks to Carbon Price Support, unabated, coal-only power stations are well on-course to be closed by 2025. In addition to the Climate Change Act and CfD framework, this has helped to cement the UK's position internationally as a leader in tackling climate change in a cost-effective manner. Visibility on Carbon Price Support beyond 2021 will also provide investors with increased certainty needed to support their investment decisions.

In addition, we call on the subsequent government to publish an emissions reduction plan soon after the General Election to ensure the UK can meet its legal carbon reduction targets for 2028-2032, under the Climate Change Act.


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