Callide C Power Project (CPP) is a two-unit, coal-fired station 15 kilometres east of Biloela, inland from Gladstone in central Queensland. The project was the first in Australia to utilize supercritical boilers, which achieve higher thermal efficiency than conventional coal-fired technology. Callide C utilizes coal from the adjacent Anglo Coal Callide Mine and draws water from Awoonga Dam near Gladstone. The plant’s two-unit, coal-fired station typifies InterGen’s commitment to state-of-the-art technologies and operations.


Callide C power station has consistently achieved 94% availability since the last major outage in mid-2006.


The Operator has an effective safety management system which has lead to a low number of events within the target range.


Callide C’s advanced technology “supercritical” boiler technology reduces coal use, while the plant’s advanced design and systems collectively produce 10% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional coal-fired plants. The plant’s environmental controls include real-time emissions monitoring with operator alarms and self-tuning capabilities within the control system. Baghouse filters remove fly ash and low nitrogen oxide burners further reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen.


In a joint venture with CS Energy, Callide C has augmented the Callide water supply by developing the Stag Creek Pipeline project. Completed in November 2005, this investment reduces the diversion of water from nearby Awoonga dam and increases community water allocations.

Most plant personnel are local Biloela residents. Between the mine and the power stations, approximately 500 people from the area are directly employed, with many more being indirectly employed in service industries. This has helped produce a well-balanced and stable community with a mix of agricultural, service and industrial professions, which generates significant local business in the surrounding towns.

Callide C has provided financial support for the Callide Power Education Centre, which offers educational facilities to schools and community groups in the Callide Valley.


Callide C is managed by Callide Power Management, a Joint Venture company.


Queensland, Australia
920 MW
Commencement of Operations: 2001

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