Coryton is a 779 MW 2x2x1 configured combined-cycle natural gas plant. The facility represents a substantial investment in state-of-the-art technology, including low emissions gas turbines and air-cooled condensers.

The facility receives natural gas under two long-term gas supply contracts and purchases the necessary balance under additional short and medium-term purchase arrangements. InterGen markets the facility’s power to spot, short, and medium-term contract markets. The plant was designed and constructed for optimal operational flexibility and functional efficiency in a merchant power environment.


The plant continues to set operational standards, consuming 35% less energy, producing 50% less carbon dioxide, 75% less nitrogen oxide, and no sulfur dioxide, ash, or dust compared to similar capacity coal-fired stations.


At Coryton, safety is our main concern and safe work systems are placed above all else. There is a management system in place to identify risk before any work commences, which reduces risk as much as is reasonably practical. This system, combined with our training data base, ensures that all employees—including contractors—are suitably trained before they start work. We strive for zero accidents, but if one occurs, we fully investigate it to learn from it and prevent a re-occurrence. There is also a proactive safety culture in which everyone is expected to report anything that presents a safety concern so that we can address it.


The facility’s use of advanced combined-cycle technology places Coryton among the cleanest fossil-fuel plants in the United Kingdom, while its use of air-cooled condenser technology allows it to use 90% less water than typical water-cooled plants. Coryton is equipped with a continuous emissions monitoring system.


Coryton demonstrates InterGen’s long-standing commitment to caring for the communities it serves. The team at Coryton selected two new apprentices in 2006 who both live locally and are working towards careers in plant maintenance, one in Mechanical and the other in Control and Instrumentation. The power station is also delivering electricity workshops to local schools, which provide pupils and teaching staff with information and materials needed to meet National Curriculum requirements. 2007 will see Coryton judge the ‘Excellent Customer Service’ category for the Thurrock Business Awards, which will be a great opportunity to be involved with local businesses.


Shane Pickering joined Coryton Energy in May 2006 after three successful years as the Maintenance Manager of InterGen’s 860 MW Spalding Energy CCGT. Mr. Pickering has more than 25 years of power industry experience, including 10 years in coal fired technology and 16 years managing gas plant technology.  Prior to joining InterGen, he worked for EON Powergen at Cottam Development Centre.


Essex, UK
779 MW
Commencement of Operations: 2002

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