The 806 MW Rocksavage Power Station in the Northwest of England was commissioned in 1998 and was the world’s first commercial user of combined cycle, sequential combustion gas-turbine technology.


Rocksavage is one of the cleanest facilities in the UK and one of the most efficient power plants in the world, with an average availability of 94% during the last 4 years.


Rocksavage has an excellent safety record, operating more than one million safe man-hours without a lost time incident during the last five years. The facility has also achieved a nine-year history of zero environmental incidents.


InterGen’s commitment to wildlife conservation is reflected in a Rocksavage partnership with local environmental organizations, including an intensive conservation program at the facility on behalf of the endangered Great Crested Newt. InterGen has also participated in local forest initiatives through landscaping and tree planting onsite and in the region, and the project continues to maintain an ecologically rich nature preserve. Rocksavage uses continuous emission monitoring to assure compliance with air quality regulations.


Rocksavage Power Company has been supporting local primary schools by providing workshops on electricity and technology since 1999. Students are taught electrical safety, the uses of electricity and how electricity is made, and they make electrical circuits and design exciting machines using equipment provided by Rocksavage. The work is supported by a colorful workbook featuring a cartoon character named Newton, a Great Crested Newt that lives at Rocksavage. The workshops are very popular with the more than 10,000 young people who have participated in more than 500 sessions.

In addition, Rocksavage continues to support the Windmill Hill Telematics Centre which helps low-income residents learn computer skills. Rocksavage also supports local sports groups and projects in the region and continues to lend a helping hand to neighboring pensioners.


Andy Shearman, Rocksavage Plant Manager, has more than 35 years of power industry experience, including 14 years of expertise in managing gas plant technology. Prior to joining InterGen, Mr. Shearman was a plant manager for ABB.


Runcorn, UK
Commencement of Operations: 1998

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