Acquisitions and Investment

While the InterGen portfolio of projects was primarily built organically, InterGen has also proven that it can successfully close the acquisition of new projects. InterGen has completed multiple acquisitions that have allowed us to add further value to both the acquired projects and the InterGen platform. 

InterGen, with the support of strong shareholders, is continuously exploring acquisitions in new renewable and thermal projects to support our customers’ needs and support our strategic objectives.

We encourage you to contact us if you want to divest a project, at any stage, to a long-term strategic owner and operator of generation and related energy infrastructure.


InterGen’s global experience completing successful acquisitions and structuring partnerships in multiple markets ensures that we can provide partners with a high degree of certainty in closing transactions on their expected timeline.

InterGen is an experienced partner in the development, construction, ownership and operation of global power projects. This experience gives us a practical view of what makes a successful partnership allowing both parties to bring their collective strengths to bear for the benefit of the project. As such, we are always looking to form solid long-term partnerships that can further our growth objectives across markets while leveraging the strengths of our teams and our partners to add value.

We encourage you to contact a member of our development and acquisition team for more information if you are currently seeking a trusted and experienced global strategic partner.