Who We Are

March 2020 Covid-19 Update:

InterGen are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of our power stations in the spite of these unprecedented circumstances. The health and safety of InterGen’s employees is our most important priority and we remain

focused on continuity of business, staff wellbeing and security of supply as a key infrastructure provider. InterGen has robust procedures in place and whilst our business has not been adversely affected by coronavirus to date, we are taking proactive steps to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and strengthen our business continuity.

As the coronavirus situation evolves, our employees, customers and the community can rest assured that InterGen’s priorities will be focused on ensuring the health and safety of our people and helping to maintain essential electricity supply to the communities we serve.


InterGen is a privately held global power generation and development company with a presence in the UK and Australia. InterGen owns more than 3,350 megawatts of electric generating capacity in six advanced technology projects. Our operating facilities generate enough electric power to run millions of homes and businesses. Most importantly, we generate this power for communities in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible.

This is a mission we have met proudly, and successfully, since our inception in 1995.

With headquarters in Edinburgh, UK, InterGen partners with utilities, businesses, and governments to create secure, cost effective energy systems.

We have more than 300 outstanding people anchoring this global network, all committed to the efficiency and safety of these plants.

They represent a worldwide family of excellence, closely linked and routinely sharing best practices with each other across the world. They also represent the industry’s best in market knowledge and commercial execution.

InterGen is jointly owned by Sev.en Energy and China Huaneng Group/Yudean Guandong Group.