Coryton, Essex, Thurrock, England


The key purpose of the Engineering Manager is to safely and effectively manage the longer term engineering and maintenance requirements of the Power Station.  The Engineering Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of technical solutions to support safe day to day plant performance, including:

  • Oversight of engineering project development and implementation
  • Management of major plant outages
  • Establishing and maintaining agreements with key maintenance and operations service providers and contractors
  • Site owner of the LTSA from a deliverables perspective and work to maximise the company’s value
  • Lead the technical nomination processes and work with the Production Manager to ensure that all staff achieve their highest level of competence
  • Carry out technical RCA, internal and cross site RCA investigations and promptly share the lessons from all component incidents
  • Custodian of the InterGen quality programme on site
  • Establishes and manages the engineering and capital budget
  • Employee recruitment, selection and training in the engineering area
  • Provides leadership and direction to the engineering team, including managing individual and team performance
  • Key member of the Management team

Some periods will require deputising for the Plant Manager, covering the other managerial positions on site, and supporting the wider InterGen teams on short term secondments.

Job Summary

Principal responsibilities are described below:


  • Manage plant health and safety by maintaining safe plant assets and targeting the highest standards of HSE performance, especially in the area of CDM execution
  • Ensure your team members comply with site safety rules, site safety programmes and initiatives through promotion of safe work practices
  • Ensure any new plant is installed in accordance with all applicable standards and is introduced into the system in accordance with the site safety rule clearance certification
  • Works with site Management team to ensure zero incidents
  • Improve plant efficiency to minimise emissions
  • Ensure the plant complies with all relevant legislation, including the ongoing education of employees in relation to the environmental management systems on site

Plant Operations

  • Supports the Maintenance and Reliability team to maximise the plant output and efficiency within permissible legal limits employing sound engineering principles
  • With the Operations Manager, develops timetables for taking most cost effective outages and identifies other forms of production optimisation through delivery of robust engineering solutions to component issues

People Management

  • Provides an environment which encourages exceptional performance, creates learning and development opportunities, promotes Employer of Choice work atmosphere and supports and mentors the plant’s engineering team whilst striving for continued improved plant performance


  • Protects plant assets and, to the extent possible, enhances value of facility
  • Manages major plant overhauls so as to optimise costs and continuously improve plant performance

Performance Improvement

  • Works with site Management to devise strategies and manage the continued improvement of plant performance, including availability, reliability and heat rate


  • Initiate and oversee the development, assessment and implementation of strategic plans, of a technical, engineering and maintenance nature
  • Ensure adequate monitoring and analysis of critical variables and implementation of continuous improvement to maximise the productivity of engineering and maintenance resources


  • Identify major cost reduction opportunities
  • Establish expense budgets and oversight and management of line item budget administration
  • Define capital projects and develop authorisations for capital expenditures.
  • Engineering Challenges
  • Become the custodian of the Plant Status Review to incorporate the 12 year maintenance plan, the corporate risk and opportunity monitoring tools and work with the management team to develop engineering strategic direction
  • Continue to develop the maintenance management system such that it is fully utilised, good history compiled and audited on a frequent basis
  • Develop a good system for capturing all actions emanating from plant studies and reports and ensure all are entered into the Maintenance Management system
  • Liaise with the regional O&M team on Engineering issues
  • Manage closure of all action items emanating from, Risk and Opportunity Management System, Site Cost of Failure reviews and any internal and external audits
  • Ensure the Management of Change programme is adhered to implicitly and integrates fully with a more robust document control system
  • Maintain current plant safety performance and continue to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Manage the LTSA to ensure full engineering compliance and to identify and implement major cost reduction opportunities
  • Organise and work with the site Managers to ensure the strategic partners deliver positive messages on key themes
  • Manage the activities for all major shutdowns in accordance with the corporate policy to ensure successful, low cost and on-schedule shutdowns
  • Drive the development of the quality programmes and procedures and implement effectively during shutdowns, developing a good audit system to frequently monitor quality during on site works outside of the main outages
  • Build and maintain a culture which:
  • Focuses team members to set realistic and challenging goals and solve problems effectively
  • Demonstrates an open and positive approach to problem solving, opportunities and a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development
  • Encourages team members to demonstrate supportive and constructive leadership when dealing with others
  • Displays co-operation and is sensitive to the satisfaction of the work group
  • Builds and maintains an environment of fellowship and teamwork that not only builds team spirit but sets standards for the behaviour of the team within the production team and across the site.

Skills / Competencies

The individual will need to be self-motivated with exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills.  The individual must be suited to a culture which is entrepreneurial, fast paced, value-driven, and with very high corporate performance and ethical standards.  Very comfortable working in a lean structure, should be highly customer focused, possess strong ethical and moral standards and be willing to assume significant personal accountability.

Key characteristics of the successful candidate:

·         Strong organisational skills

·         Excellent written and oral communication

·         Good interpersonal, communication and motivational skills with a flexible, enthusiastic and committed attitude to work

·         Technical and Engineering:  Able to demonstrate and utilise extensive knowledge and experience of engineering, operational and maintenance management


  • Ideally Degree qualified in an Engineering or related discipline (qualifications below this may be acceptable if evidenced by suitable experience)


  • Operations : Prior experience in leading the Operations and/or Maintenance of a large processing facility or similar; ideally a power station or similar infrastructure, specifically with CCGT power generation operational experience
  • HSSE : Experience in establishing and implementing a proactive approach towards Health, Safety and Environment management
  • Leadership : Understanding and commitment to building and leading a constructive culture where employees are provided with challenges and opportunities. Has experience in leading and managing a substantial number of employees in a process driven environment.


  • Occasional - frequent, Ad Hoc, Short Notice

To apply, please send résumés to