Millmerran was the first power station in Australia to use air-cooled supercritical boiler technology, thereby using less fuel and less water than conventional stations to produce the same amount of electricity.

Millmerran is one of the most efficient coal fired power producers in Australia, supplying 1.1 million homes with electricity, creating 10 per cent less emissions than conventional generation, and consuming less than 10 per cent of the water used by a typical station of equivalent size.

The project is a partnership between InterGen, China Huenang Group, Daelim and Kiamco. We’re proud of the plant’s reputation for health and safety, reliability, and extremely high levels of planned preventative maintenance.

InterGen supports the Australian Government desire to balance economic growth and energy security with carbon reduction; we have been tasked with scoping clean energy investments and are involved in the early stages of a carbon capture and storage project at Millmerran.


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Key facts

850 Capacity (MW)
6,300 Annual output (GWh)
17 Years of operation