InterGen are seeking talented graduates to join our two-year Shift Trader graduate programme within our trading and commercial team. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the energy industry, gain hands on experience in a dynamic trading environment and develop all the skills for a potential career in our industry as an energy trader.

About InterGen

InterGen is a unique energy company. We own and operate power stations in the UK that provide secure, flexible energy. Through our well-established and experienced commodity trading team in Edinburgh, we sell our electricity and related services to utilities, system operators and others.

Our goal is to support the journey to a stable, dependable energy future. A future where all our customers, stakeholders and the wider community trust us to deliver the flexible electricity solutions that everyone will rely on in a low carbon world. Our growth strategy combines highly flexible assets with emerging, innovative technologies in the low carbon sphere to enable the energy transition to a low carbon future.

A graduate scheme for Shift Traders

Whilst on this graduate programme, you will learn all about our business and be given a training programme delivered by our experienced traders. After completing 12 months on the shift trading desk there will be the option to work with our Analyst desk, Data team and the Prompt and Forward Traders.

Fundamentals (months 1-3):
The first three month period is essential for new graduates to attain the preparatory skills and knowledge to contribute to the business. In this period the graduate will:

  • go through company on-boarding
  • learn about InterGen - its departments, culture, teams, tools, and revenue centres
  • learn about the energy system and power market basics
  • take training courses
  • visit our power stations

Trading Desk (months 4-18):

The Shift Trading Desk is responsible for trading, optimising and dispatching our 2.8GW of gas-fired power stations in the GB energy market. Working a 24/7 shift pattern, the shift trading team act in the continuous spot power and gas commodity markets and also the Balancing Mechanism run by National Grid ESO to manage real time supply and demand on the electricity system. Working on our Trading team will allow you to gain a real-life understanding of how to optimise generation assets as well as practical experience of dispatching these assets and trading in commodity markets.

The first 4-6 months will be spent under the supervision of experienced shift traders, shadowing the trading desk, learning by observing and then through supervised execution – this is hands-on, one-to-one training that allows the graduate to progress at their own speed.

Once ready, the graduate shift trader will be responsible for all trading, pricing and dispatch of our physical assets. The shift trader is supported by the wider team of traders and analysts as well as the shift trading manager who is available 24 hours a day.

Trading Desk (months 19-24):
At this point, the graduate will be given the option of remaining on the shift trading desk or rotating out to learn more about other roles in the wider trading team…

  • Prompt Trading
  • Forward Trading and Origination
  • Market Analyst

Other operational based placements may be offered depending on the skills and experience of the successful candidates.

In addition, InterGen promotes cross functional co-operation through secondments. It is possible that the graduate could be selected to work in the wider InterGen business supporting our growth and development strategy or even working at one of our power stations.

This is a flexible portion of the programme and we will look to match up the needs of the business with the skills and preferences of the graduate to make the most of this time.

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for someone commercially minded that is eager to learn and that can thrive in a motivated team always looking to do things better. 

You must be able to commit to a shift pattern for up to 12 months as part of the rotation supporting the 24/7 shift trading desk. This placement will also require successful candidates to be based in the Edinburgh office, rather than remotely. This placement also comes with the benefit of periods off between shifts allowing a unique opportunity to balance learning and life balance.

The successful candidates will be assured, accurate and have the enthusiasm to explore new opportunities and always be learning. Working within a small organisation like InterGen means exposure to a wide variety of business areas, really getting a sense of how it all works.


We are looking for talented individuals educated to degree level. Whilst a level of numeracy is important, we do not require a degree in a scientific or numerical subject. More important is your mindset and how you respond to setbacks. We will consider applicants with other relevant experience.

Support during the programme

InterGen has a culture of strongly supporting employee development through structured training courses, on the job learning and mentoring from experienced colleagues. Throughout the graduate programme, training and development will be tailored to your personal requirements and placement needs. We aim to develop well-rounded individuals with practical work skill ready to take your next career steps after the programme completes.

Graduates will be assigned a mentor and buddy to help them integrate into the business and progress through their rotations. You will also be part of graduate community, which will include those currently on the programme and those who have completed it, benefiting from their experiences during and after the scheme.

To apply, please fill in the application form here.