Our energy generating portfolio

InterGen operates a diversified and efficient electricity generating portfolio. Our assets in the UK provide over 2,800MW of capacity across four advanced technology projects. We have a further 2,175MW currently in development.

Our operating facilities generate enough electricity to run over half a million homes and businesses, and we generate this energy for communities in ways that are reliably and socially responsible.

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Spalding Rocksavage Spalding OCGT Coryton Edinburgh


Essex, UK
800MW Discover


Chesire, UK
810MW Discover


Lincolnshire, UK
950MW Discover

Spalding Expansion

Lincolnshire, UK
300MW Discover

Fleet Performance

556,566 Staffing hours worked in 2022
75.3% Fleet availability 2022
6.3TWh Generation in 2022
1.07m Homes powered for a year
69.5m LED lightbulbs powered for a year
190 Employees