Our purpose is to support the journey to a stable, dependable energy future. One where all our customers, stakeholders and the wider community trust us to deliver the flexible electricity solutions that everyone will rely on in a low carbon world. At InterGen, we aim to have a positive impact on our people and communities around us by:

Society: Providing enough stable, dependable flexible electricity for households across the UK.

People: Enabling growth through personal development and training. Attracting and growing talent with our graduate programmes and apprenticeships.

Communities: Supporting the economic, societal and environmental health of the communities in which we operate.

Environment: Contributing to the energy transition through deployment of low carbon support technologies such as grid-scale battery storage. We recognise our carbon and non-carbon impact on the environment and aim to monitor and reduce these by investing in operational efficiencies, hydrogen, and energy storage solutions.

Our ESG report

In our latest ESG report for the 2021 and 2022 calendar years (1 January – 31 December) we continue to monitor key areas of focus that matter to the sustainability of our business and our stakeholders. Through this, we are better able to keep track of progress and identify areas for improvement. Our report covers:

Our aim is to enhance our existing ESG efforts, improve transparency and disclosure, to look for more opportunities to drive sustainable solutions and to improve our operational efficiency and productivity.

Download the full report below

Environmental, Social and Governance Report - 2022

Download our previous report here

Environmental, Social and Governance Report - 2020