OzGen Retail electricity

Established in 2008, OzGen is our Australian subsidiary. OzGen Retail is an electricity retailer authorised under Australia’s National Electricity Retail legislation, which supplies around 100MW to commercial and industrial electricity consumers in Queensland.

Based at our Brisbane office, the OzGen Retail team provides a bespoke service to customers in sectors including mining, retail, property and livestock. With extensive experience in the national electricity market, we are able to deliver solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

Our retail sales are backed by the most efficient coal-fired plants in the Australian market, enhancing certainty, dependability and simplicity, and reducing exposure to volatility. Our long term commitment to the market is reflected in our investment of more than $1 billion over two decades.

If you are a large commercial or industrial user of power in Queensland, please contact [email protected] for more information about our services in Australia.